What if you could summon the collective power of the app economy?

Launched in 2019, Catappult is all that a product should be in the Android space: open, innovative, creator-supporting - and a solution to a real problem. No more excessive gatekeeper power in the hands of the very few, no more predatory rules and fees, no more unnecessary costs for consumers.

Instead of blocking, putting up walls, living under the tyranny of a single store - what if you could work with every app store, not just one? What if you could call on the collective power of alternative app stores?

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29kDistributed Games

Harnessing the power of many

Developers get access to over 20 alternative app stores and local markets around the world - and 430 million users. They integrate once, hundreds of hours of work are saved, everybody’s lives are simpler.

Catappult is especially useful to apps and games that have in-app purchases. The revenue share means there’s an incentive to promote the game, which means there’ll be more revenue to share.

This is Catappult - a bridge to a fairer, richer, thrilling future. A future where the new way of the world is - in both senses - ‘Let’s play together’.Know More
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